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Direct Mail Production

Versatile and cost-effective campaigns customized to meet your needs.

The Xpedite Fulfillment Team offers a wide variety of superior quality direct mail programs.

Our wide range of formats include:


From a standard postcard size all the way up to the oversized cards, postcards are proven to be the most read shape of mail being sent today.


When more space is needed for your message, Self-mailers offer the best of both worlds in that they can carry the additional content and still (in most cases) mail at letter rate, resulting in a powerful, yet cost-effective mailing format.

Letter Packages

With the right message, letter mailings are still a very effective format to reach your customers. Letter packages give you the ability to customize and privatize your message directly.

Custom Mail

Want to switch things up and do mailings that are unique? Perhaps a custom shaped mailer or a laminated postcard would help get your business noticed. Discuss your ideas with us and we can help guide you into the right perfect mailer.

As a premier expert in direct mail solutions we can help you create versatile and cost-effective direct mail campaigns that work!

Mailing Lists

At Xpedite Fulfillment, we know that providing clients with the most accurate and up-to-date direct mail lists available will result in the highest response rates possible.

Types of Mailing Lists

Free Selections: Age, Income, Gender, Marital Status, Presence of Children, Age of Children, Home Value, Gender, Year Home Built, Length of Residence, Homeownership

Premium Selections: Pet Ownership, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Religion, Mail Order, Buyer, Mail Responder, PC Owner, Credit card Indicator and more...

Free Selections: Geography, Business Type (SIC code)

Premium Selections: Not Available

Free Selections: Geography, Business Type (SIC code), Size (# of employees), Sales Volume, Year Started, Minority Owned Indicator, Headquarter / Branch Indicator

Premium Selections: Contact Names, Job Titles, Phone Numbers

Free Selections: Geography Radius, Dwelling Type, Median Income of Carrier Route, Median Home Value of Carrier Route, Percent of Households with Children, Median Age of Carrier Route

Premium Selections: None Available

Free Selections: Geography, Publication Date

Premium Selections: Gender, Property Type, Purchase Amount, Purchase Date, Loan Amount, Lender Name, LTV and more...

Free Selections: Geography, Publication Date

Premium Selections: Gender, Property Type, Distance of Move, Previous Address

Such as: Modeled Credit Scores, Actual Credit Scores, Students, Teachers, Ultra Affluent, Political, Professionals at Home, Medical Lists, Magazine Subscribers

Data Processing

Data quality and hygiene are two of the most important parts of an effective direct mail campaign. As postage rates continue to increase, it is more important than ever to ensure your data is clean and contains a quality deliverable address.

Data Processing Services Include:
  • CASS Certification/ Zip+4 Coding/ Bar-Coding
  • NCOA Processing
  • Merge/Purge - duplication elimination
  • Variable Data & Image Processing
  • New Address Data Entry
  • Database Maintenance
  • Return Mail Updates

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