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Seemless integration between WooCommerce and Xpedite Fulfillment for all your Order Management and Shipping Needs.

There are a lot of options for running an online store. WooCommerce is one of the all-in-one eCommerce solution and it is part of a group of cloud-based commerce platforms that provides everything a business needs from start to end. Once your business is up and running, all you need is a good fulfillment company to manage all the orders you will start receiving.

This is where Xpedite Fulfillment can help.

Xpedite Fulfillment uses some of the most advanced technologies to connect your WooCommerce shopping cart to a fulfillment center that will do all for you, from receiving and storing your products to shipping and inventory control.


Xpedite will automatically push product balances back to WooCommerce periodically to insure your site is up to date with your current inventory in our warehouse.


Orders recieved and marked as "Paid" in WooCommerce will be automatically imported into our system at Xpedite Fulfillment and generate the necassary paperwork for pick/pack and shipping.


Shipments are picked up daily at 6pm. All orders will be updated in WooCommerce with tracking information nightly between 6:30 and 7pm eastern time. Customer shipping email notifications setup in WooCommerce will be triggerd at this time.

Important Notes:

Please take note of these important points regarding the Xpedite/WooCommerce Integration

  • WooCommerce will handle all merchandise payment processing WooCommerce will not transmit any credit card information to our system.
  • WooCommerce will handle all client notifications (order received, order shipped, etc.)
  • Items with multiple sizes/colors should be defined as separate varients/skus in WooCommerce.
  • All products must have weights to calculate shipping rates.

Xpedite Fulfillment recommends using WooCommerce's real-time carrier integration for all shipping carriers and rates.

Want to Integrate with us but don't see your current provider?

We have mulitple ways we can create a "Custom Integration" for you as well as a full API for your developers.


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